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Making Wine at Home

Blog Airmiles - where's my stuff? Hits 10431 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
I never did anything with my airmiles, so thought I'd use the balance I'd worked up over the last 10 years to buy something, anything. So why, 3 weeks after ordering, has nothing turned up yet?
Misc Apple Wine Recipe Hits 198644 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
An old, trusted recipe. However, be sure to make extra care with sterilisation, and be aware that the type of apple dramatically changes the finished flavour.
Misc Blackberry Wine Recipe Hits 65227 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
A nice dark wine, I like it sweet.
Misc Carrot Wine Hits 26948 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
This is pretty hard-core stuff, more whisky than wine! Matures over a year or so in bottles well.
Misc Damson Wine Recipe Hits 53404 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
A pleasant, dark, full wine. I like it sweet.
Misc Easy Potato Wine Hits 62712 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
I recently drank a 12-year-old bottle of this and it was fantastic - a cross between a liqueur and sherry. Can't remember what it was like just after being made, but the fact that I left it for so long means that it is probably best aged a little...
Article How to make easy Mead recipe Hits 64721 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
I thought I'd try my hand at mead. This recipe is a mix of a few I found on the net. It is pretty easy and requires little special ingredients or equipment.
Article Marijuana wine recipe Hits 40992 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
I met a guy who made his own cannabis wine, I asked for the recipe out of curiosity and offer it here for your interest. He said it was good, but I have no idea if it is or not.
Misc Racking Hits 20805 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
As your wine ferments it will gather a layer of sediment, or lees, on the bottom of the fermentation jar. Whenever you get a good inch of so of the stuff, you should rack the wine off to avoid the possibility of spoiling the wine.
Misc Wine Bottling Hits 5069 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
Once your wine has stopped fermenting, you should bottle it. How do you know when your wine has stopped fermenting? It should be (mostly) clear, and the level of water in the fermentation lock should stay level, indicating that there is no pressure inside the jar - no bubbles pass through it any longer. If you've had your wine in your bedroom cupboard, you'll know it is ready because you'll miss the little plop-plop noise it used to make.
Article Wine notes Hits 3799 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
Some wine-making Q & A's

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