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Article Use Chilkat S3_DownloadBytes and S3_UploadBytes to copy images Hits 870 | Last Modified 2016-10-04
Copy images between Amazon s3 buckets in memory only using Chilkat's S3_DownloadBytes and S3_UploadBytes. Example classic ASP code.
Article Classic ASP Google recaptcha server-side code Hits 1651 | Last Modified 2016-02-25
I couldn't find the code for server-side for classic ASP for 2.0, as things changed a bit. Here's a working bit of code.
Article SVN Hits 843 | Last Modified 2016-01-20
I had a nightmare recently with SVN refusing to update a file, then skipping a folder. Here's what worked for me.
Article The "SendUsing" configuration value is invalid Hits 866 | Last Modified 2016-01-05
Getting CDO.Message.1 error '80040220' The "SendUsing" configuration value is invalid. When sending mail?
Article Skyrim follower walking really slowly Hits 987 | Last Modified 2015-12-15
Jenassa, what happened? She's creeping along like a fool.
Article Manual for Janome New Home 580 and 581 sewing machines Hits 22565 | Last Modified 2015-11-14
You can't believe how long it took me to find a manual for my new (old) Janome New Home 580 sewing machine. Here's one free for you to download.
Article Can't access https sites when connected to VPN Hits 3465 | Last Modified 2013-11-22
I use VPNUK but when I upgraded to Windows 8.1 recently I suddenly stopped being able to access some servers via remote desktop that had IPs locked down, and also any https sites too.
Article Swype not adding words on Samsung Galaxy S2 Hits 8318 | Last Modified 2013-05-29
After an update of some kind, Swype stopped adding new words to the dictionary - the option to add simply no longer appeared. This may have been after a swype update to allow you to backup your dictionary.
Article CDONTS, CDOSYS, IIS 6.0, IIS 7.0 and headaches... Hits 5885 | Last Modified 2015-11-02
We moved from an old IIS 6.0 server setup with Classic ASP code sending bulk newsletter emails using CDONTS, to a new Windows 2008 R2 server in the cloud with IIS 7.5. We also moved to using a 3rd party SMTP service - sendgrid. We had problems...
Article How to force an Amazon s3 bucket PDF to download, not open in browser Hits 5214 | Last Modified 2012-09-26
This took a lot of figuring out :)
Article Duplicate contacts or no profile picture on Samsung GALAXY S II Hits 14895 | Last Modified 2012-08-22
How to get around the problem of contacts being split up on a Samsung Galaxy S2. For example, when sending a new text message, you see the same person listed several times - one for Google, one for Facebook, one for Skype etc. This also fixes the problem of not showing the correct images for contacts (or not having an image at all).
Article How do I remove a 'most visited' item from Chrome? Hits 3747 | Last Modified 2012-07-09
Want to remove a thumbnail from Chrome's new tab page?
Article Cherry and almond sponge cake Hits 4154 | Last Modified 2012-01-31
This is a little quick and tasty cake using glacÚ cherries, almonds and vanilla. It only needs one egg.
Article Making email in Microsoft Outlook appear important Hits 4366 | Last Modified 2011-11-11
There are a number of fields you can add to an email message to make it look important, flagged, for follow up, and other things. It can be incredibly annoying when all the email you get is flagged as priority, but here's how to do it anyway...
Article Where is Windows Update located in XP? Hits 4004 | Last Modified 2011-10-18
If you don't want to visit the Microsoft Windows update website (www.update.microsoft.com) then how do you start Windows Update if it isn't under Start/All Programs?
Article TinyMCE popup permission denied window Hits 18437 | Last Modified 2011-09-02
In Tiny MCE certain pages were throwing errors when I clicked on the hyperlink option. The pop up window would either work, or just appear blank.
Article Growing Anadenanthera Colubrina Hits 16616 | Last Modified 2011-07-29
I've been trying to grow this plant for years now, and this is the best I've done so far!
Article Perfect Fairy Cakes Hits 2549 | Last Modified 2011-06-15
These fairy or butterfly cakes are ideal for parties. If you make them with real whipped cream and tangy fruit centers then they're an adult treat too, rather than the slightly-too-sweet and sickly ones from your youth...
Article Paneer Tikka Masala BBQ Skewers Hits 4475 | Last Modified 2011-06-10
This is a great vegetarian BBQ option if you're bored of the usual skewers. Plan to make it a few hours in advance. Remember to make or buy your paneer, and check the notes on chaat masala).
Article Resize an iframe dynamically Hits 2188 | Last Modified 2011-06-10
I found it tricky to make an iframe change size (its height) as it loaded new content. This solution works on FF and IE.

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