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Misc After Bagpuss, Bagpuss Dreams Hits 1503 | Last Modified 2007-06-11
A short film made by Caro one year. It's quite odd.
Misc Baksheesh trio at John O Gaunt Hits 1642 | Last Modified 2007-06-11
Video Clip: This is a very brief clip of the Baksheesh trio playing at the John O'Gaunt pub in Lancaster, UK, on the 15th February 2007
Misc Driving in Col's Van Hits 3888 | Last Modified 2007-06-11
In his nice Mercedes Fire Assistance Vehicle, through the Trough of Bowland.
Misc Floater video clip Hits 1524 | Last Modified 2007-06-11
Video Clip: This is what I was trying to gather energy to do, that fateful New year's Eve. *sigh*
Misc Happy New Year video clip Hits 1877 | Last Modified 2007-06-11
Short animated film to celebrate new year.
Misc Odd video clip - Bert Hits 1790 | Last Modified 2007-06-11
Some feet, and some soft toys. Odd. made in Montreal some years ago.
Misc Steph and Charlie the Cat Hits 1747 | Last Modified 2007-06-11
Video Clip: Charlie the cat is unhappy to be handled, and soon takes a swipe.
Misc Video: Lydia rolling down a hill Hits 1727 | Last Modified 2007-06-11
Taken at the ashton memorial, Williamson Park, Lancaster, Lancashire. It appears to be quite amusing.
Misc Videos Hits 3267 | Last Modified 2007-06-11
I've made a few little videos over the years, mostly on phones, so the quality isn't always great!
Misc Wastwater 360 degree view video Hits 1683 | Last Modified 2007-06-11
This is a 360 view of Wastwater Lake in the Lake District, December 2006.
Misc Wastwater video Hits 1512 | Last Modified 2007-06-11
Relaxing by a stream at the foot of Scafell, this stream feeds Wastwater Lake.

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