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Article 1995 Hits 2991 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
All about 1995
Article 1996 Hits 3112 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
All about 1996
Article 1999 Hits 2763 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
All about 1999.
Article 2000 Hits 2702 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
All about the year 2000
Article 2002 Hits 4086 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
All about 2002.
Article 2003 Hits 2977 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
All about 2003
Blog Airmiles - where's my stuff? Hits 10431 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
I never did anything with my airmiles, so thought I'd use the balance I'd worked up over the last 10 years to buy something, anything. So why, 3 weeks after ordering, has nothing turned up yet?
Misc Camping Checklist 2004 Hits 1568 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
A camping check list from Canada, 2004.
Blog December 1995 Hits 2000 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Extracts from my journal, December 1995, in India.
Blog December 1999 Hits 1758 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
A brief entry from the very end of 1999 in Guatemala. My journal-writing went downhill after this, and there is hardly anything for the next few months as I settle into a routine of life in Antigua.
Blog February 10th 2002 Hits 2327 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
The chai made me need to urinate four hours later for the rest of the day...
Blog February 11th 2002 Hits 2408 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Storm continues like hell, lightning every second or two, torrential rain. Room began to leak in several places and C became ill...
Blog February 12th 2002 Hits 2151 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Lots of Buddhas with no heads, but found a couple intact. Amazing gates with intricate carvings...
Blog February 14th 2002 Hits 2125 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Despair sets in, but I eventually manage to book a train to Agra for that evening - due to the kindly enquiries desk man who helped me jump the queue.
Blog February 17th 2002 (email) Hits 2261 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
A group email sent on 17th February 2002: Caro had a cosmic dual fountain affair in Sanchi recently for a few days...
Blog February 2000 Hits 1815 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Okay, okay, two months gap in a travel journal is pretty bad. I fell into the settled-routine-no-journal-writing thing in Antigua.
Blog February 9th 2002 Hits 2237 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Buses to Bhopal are at 5.30am and at 7am and take 6 hours. We are aiming for the 5.30am for some reason...
Article Fpa 3 Hits 5403 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Wanderlust Born
Article Grubs whores and landmines Hits 6449 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
About an hour inside Cambodia we stopped at a roadside establishment that had been spawned simply to service tourists en route to Siem Reap from the border. The staff inside happily accepted any currency and provided change in tattered Cambodian Reals, which resulted in a lot of confused looking tourists - Reals are worth about 3,900 to the US dollar, so even if people wanted to check their change, they had a hard time because most of them had handed over Thai baht in the first place. After a few weeks in Cambodia, you either become an expert in tri-currency conversion, or lose a lot of cash.
Misc Guest House Sok San, Hotel Regulations Hits 3896 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
This was written in our room when we stayed in the Guest House Sok San, Cambodia. It struck me as amusing at the time.
Blog January 1996 Hits 2682 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
More journal extracts from 1996. Still in India at the time.
Blog January 2002 Hits 1766 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Mumbai, India. "Finally here, after an unexpected three month dither in Ellesmere Port."
Misc Journal Cover 2002 Hits 2335 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
This is the journal inside cover covering the period of 2002.
Blog November 1995 Hits 1718 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
From my journal, travelling in India,. 1995
Blog November 1999 Hits 1582 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
More journals from 1999 - November in Guatemala, which includes the amazing Tikal.
Blog October 1999 Hits 1652 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Journal extracts from October 1999 - travels in Guatemala
Blog September 1999 Hits 1717 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Journal extracts from 1996 - travels in Mexico.
Article Tela, Honduras - Deadly Beaches and Colonial Grace Hits 1719 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
The magnificent colonial buildings that line the main street through Tela used to belong to the banana giants of the past. Now they crumble quietly and you can stare into their hollow shells and perhaps still see a chandelier sparkling darkly in the gloom.
Article Travel Hits 3874 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
It is true that once you step off a plane and into a poorer, fundamentally different world, that your life can change in a profound way, but this is by no means a certainty.
Article Travel checklist Hits 1505 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Going on a trip and don't know what to take with you?... These are the things I always travel with:

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