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Article Dangerous leaves and urban myths Hits 12611 | Last Modified 2007-05-17
The Thornapple is a wonderfully woody and robust plant. It has long, bark covered branches and palm-sized hairy green leaves. Its flower is a huge, impressive white trumpet that seems to involve a great deal of effort on the plant's part to grow. It is, in short, a beautiful plant. We grew it in our home along with various other odd plants but it had a special place in our hearts. If I tell you that its Latin name is datura stramonium then some of you may understand why. Commonly known as Datura, the plant can produce some of the most psychoactive effects known to man. Some of the other names the plant goes by are: Mad apple, apple of Peru, devil's apple, devil's trumpet, devil's weed, stink weed, jimson weed, jamestown-weed, malpitte, moonflower and witch's thimble.

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