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Blog Airmiles - where's my stuff? Hits 10431 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
I never did anything with my airmiles, so thought I'd use the balance I'd worked up over the last 10 years to buy something, anything. So why, 3 weeks after ordering, has nothing turned up yet?
Misc Basic Curry Problems Hits 11750 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
Problems with your curry? Some of the most common listed here. Too bland, watery?
Blog BT Shop, on-line delays, poor customer service Hits 16818 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
I decided to buy an Asustek Eee Pc 7" 512MB Memory 4GB Flash Linux with a bonus I got from work at the end of last year. BT's on-line shop seemed to be the best, cheapest deal I could find. I wasn't in a huge rush for it, so even though it was out of stock, I placed an order and waited... One month later, I'm still waiting...
Article Clarke's Hotel - vegetarian food review Hits 1691 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
It may be the hidden jewel of Morecambe Bay, but is it's veggie food up to scratch? Well, frankly, no.
Blog Comet, the Sale of Goods Act, a Cooker, some frustration Hits 25535 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
We bought a cooker just over 12 months ago from Comet, a DeLongi, gas hob, 2 x electric ovens. Within a month or so, the left-hand themostat broke, heating it up to 200oC+ no matter what temperature was selected. That time it was fixed for free, so what happens just after the magical 12 months expires?
Article Creative Zen stuck on rebuilding library Hits 23843 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
And you've followed that advice about holding the power button down whilst pushing a paperclip into the reset hole? And nothing happens? It just rebuilds the library and freezes again? Read on...
Article Facebook blank profile page, cookies problems etc Hits 165645 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
Logged into facebook and your profile (home.php?) page is blank? Is it complaining about enabling cookies? Are you using firefox?
Misc Google mail taking too long Hits 5140 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
Getting this error? Loading... This seems to be taking longer than usual. Your session may have been interrupted. If your account doesn't appear in the next few seconds, please refresh this page in your browser. If you continue to have trouble loading your account, please visit the help center for troubleshooting information.
Article Nokia N95 8GB - Contact names not showing Hits 24818 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
I searched for an answer for this for an age. When people call or text me, their names didn't show up, just their numbers, even though they were in my address book. Not all of them though - just some! Some people worked fine!
Article Nokia N95 buzzing noise Hits 2232 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
My Nokia N95 8GB started to make this odd buzzing, tinny noise when I talked to people on the phone recently.
Misc Problems with BT Broadband speed using a HomeHub Hits 14015 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
My speed started to drop and eventually became tediously slow. From multi-megabyte to around 200k or less speed. This is a log of what I did to try and resolve the problem.
Article Quite Simply French - vegetarian food review Hits 2069 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
"Quite Simply French is a beautiful restaurant overlooking the River Lune in the historic city of Lancaster", yes, yes, but what's your vegetarian food like, eh?
Misc Some pages load, some pages don't, in any browser Hits 9490 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
Suddenly some webpages stopped loading for me, in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari, but not, interestingly, in Lynx. I used a BT Home Hub, and no changes had been made to my system for weeks.
Article TPF Hits 241675 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
Tiny PHP Forum by Ralph Capper. Sadly, TPF is no longer supported by me. At some point in the future I might re-write it and re-release as a new version. You can find some information about it on this page though.
Blog Vegetarian food on KLM? Hits 6654 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
I recently flew to Amsterdam with KLM from Manchester airport, and despite ordering vegetarian food in advance, calling to confirm this, and then asking at check-in again, they *still* gave me a chicken salad! This is a record of my letter-writing campaign to them.
Article Virgin voice activated misery Hits 2254 | Last Modified 2008-04-01
Getting hot under the collar with Virgin's new voice-automated booking and enquiry telephone system? Can't speak to an operator? Getting a message 'Sorry, due to a technical issue we are currently unable to process your request' on the website? Just what is happening to Virgin trains?

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