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Article 2003 Hits 2977 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
All about 2003
Blog A day in the life Hits 2010 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Such is the capriciousness of life that if I vary the time that I leave the house on a morning, by so much as a minute, then I arrive a good twenty minutes later at French School.
Blog A trip to the shops Hits 1669 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
My Quebec winter-time outfit consists of a lot of layers of clothing that I used to wear in England, but all worn at the same time. So, I put on my multi-layered affair and head down the steep steps and onto the street to be confronted by an enormous bulldozer, heading right for me.
Blog Ambassade Review Hits 1450 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
I don't normally date reviews as I like them to be, ahem, timeless, but in this case, I think it is important, as this bar has just opened. Otherwise, if you read this in six months time you might wonder what on earth I'm talking about. It is August 2004.
Blog Another party Hits 1329 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Ah, another party, and one I remember this time. How novel.
Blog Barraca Bar Hits 1705 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Barraca brings back hazy memories of an extremely long and confusing film, watched at mostly-naked hippy festivals, some years ago. So, I'm loaded with these connections when I wander in, at about 7pm on a Tuesday.
Blog Bily Kun Hits 1589 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Ah, jazz night. I used to go to a great little pub in Lancaster, England on a Sunday afternoon where a jazz band used to play and they gave away free sausages. It was, inventively, called 'Jazz and Sausages', or something equally clever. The point is this though, I used to love those Sunday afternoons in that pub.
Blog Blood Hits 1683 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
So I'm washing up. This is something I must have done, oh at least 1,000 times or more. And I'm surprised I haven't cut myself before actually. Think about it – a sink full of sharp knives and glasses. Not a very safe thing to be plunging your hands into, really.
Blog Decking Day Hits 1552 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Today was a decking day. A day where I wrestled with wood that really means me no harm, but is causing me some anyway. I'm stripping down the decking and planning to stain the lovely natural wood a nice colour and leave it like that. Presently it is a nasty blue colour, who knows what the previous tenants were thinking?
Article Festival Montreal en Lumiere Hits 4579 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
An old article from some years ago I just found about a (cold) festival in Montreal.
Blog Football in the Park Hits 1443 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
I haven't played football since I had the ball kicked in my face by a smiling Indian several years ago, on a beach in Goa.
Blog Hypocrite Hits 1426 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
I can see the man, in the distance, and I know that he has decided to home in on me, to beg for some change.
Blog Ike's Party Hits 1466 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Okay, here's the deal. If someone tells you that they're having a cinq-a-sept party in Montreal, don't believe them, and certainly don't arrive at 5pm. 5 a 7 is the time in Montreal when cheap drinks are had in many bars around town, to attract the after work drinkers, but the term is now used to generally denote an afternoon, or early evening drinking session, also with the implication of cheap or interesting drinks.
Blog Immigration D-Day Hits 1438 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Of course, we only actually look at the letter in detail, mulling over its consequences, the night before my interview, which is at 10am the next day.
Blog Jana's Party Hits 2546 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Okay, so Jana has another party. Only this time she knows all about this website and even greets me with the words, 'Oh Ralph, I hope you will write about this party. But, I'm not drunk enough yet to say anything funny.'
Blog Job Seeker Hits 1568 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
I'm early, of course, so I sit outside McGill metro on a hard stone wall. After several minutes in the sun I realise that I'm beginning to sweat, a definite no-no at interviews, so move to the shade, where I'm cold.
Blog La Mauricie Hits 1460 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Getting out of Montreal is one of the pleasures of living in Montreal. Every so often, it is essential to leave the city and surround yourself with trees, rolling fields, and fresh air. So, we loaded up the car with all kinds of un-essential things and headed for the highway.
Blog La Police Hits 1438 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Hands up who likes the police?
Blog Memento Hits 1790 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Have you ever seen that film, Memento? Well, if I drink spirits, then my life becomes like that.
Blog Montreal Decking (1) Hits 1486 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
My mother-in-law decided that it would be nice to have her patio decking ‘done’, and what that means is that I’ll be doing it out of the goodness of my heart.
Misc Montreal Index Hits 3834 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
All pages relating to Montreal on Ralpharama
Blog Party of Leaf and Xena Hits 2262 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
I wondered for a while if I should, in fact, write a review of this party, mainly because it didn't end so well for me, personally. But, life is life, and it does deserve a write up, in reality. I also took no pictures during the evening, but I've had some sent to me since, and so I'll use one of them... I'm sure Karloff won't mind.
Blog Sawdust Hits 1809 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
There’s sawdust everywhere. It’s in my hair, under my nails, in the fabric of my clothes, in my nose, my ears, between my toes, and generally settled in my lungs. Not the nice kind of sawdust that you plunge your hand into to grab a prize at a lucky-dip, oh no, the finer kind, the dust and airborne kind. Yes, another day with unlikely sanding machines.
Article Shouting Hits 2473 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
A random story I found on my hard drive recently, it was prefixed with: "I lived in Montreal for a couple of years a while ago. Nice place, distinct lack of crime and any rough edges"
Blog Stained Hits 2811 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Out, damned spot. And so on. I know it seems like all I ever talk about is my bloody decking saga these days - the job I'll be doing in Hell for all eternity, no doubt, but here it is again. Take heart though, it should be over soon.
Blog The Chemist Hits 1568 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Something that has been playing on my mind was the visit when we picked up the notorious stain. We were out in the countryside and decided to pop in on some relatives (theirs, not mine) and met an odd Czech man called Tom who grew a lot of chillis and even had some chilli jam/jelly which he made me try.
Blog The Compleat Vegetarian Hits 10875 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
I often joke with people that I became a vegetarian to impress a couple of hippy girls I once lived with, and although this is partially true, it is not the whole truth. At the time I had been reading a lot of books on religion, learning about meditation and generally becoming, well, more hippy than I was anyway. Slowly, over time, I began to have nagging doubts about meat.
Blog The Wife's 30th Birthday Hits 1544 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
I think perhaps that I should leave parties an hour before the end, to avoid the bizarre and hazy events that generally ensue after hearty alcohol consumption at 2AM. But, if the party is your own (or your wife's), then you're honour-bound to stay until the end.

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