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Blog Bad Flat Hits 1384 | Last Modified 2007-05-16
If you ever move into a new apartment, take heart that it probably isn't as bad as the one I used to reside in Walthamstow, London.
Blog Centipedes Hits 1487 | Last Modified 2007-05-16
So, where was I? Ah yes, the flat in Walthamstow. I lived in the flat for a year and a half in the end, fairly happily, though I did sleep with a large kitchen knife down the side of the bed, so unused to the sound of fighting and shouting in my hallway at 5am.
Blog Finally back Hits 1307 | Last Modified 2007-05-16
Back. Finally back. After three years away, and seven countries later, we arrive at Heathrow at 7am, after leaving Montreal at, oddly, 7am. I've watched, and god only knows why, a Harry Potter movie, and drank a few Gin and Tonics. I'm feeling rather tired as I stare out at the drizzle and grey clouds.
Blog July 2000 Hits 1659 | Last Modified 2007-05-16
Well, things improve after time, and then they turn again to the same kind of state of waiting and trial.
Blog June 2000 Hits 1651 | Last Modified 2007-05-16
I guess I got wrapped up in my life so much, that I forgot to write anything at all.
Blog Signing On Hits 1799 | Last Modified 2007-05-16
So I finally decide to call the council and sign on.
Blog The Three Kings Hits 1449 | Last Modified 2007-05-16
The first big pub night since our return. Venue: The Three Kings in Farringdon. This is an old haunt from out last life in London, and I have memories of standing outside in the street on warm summer evenings, sipping Guinness in the road. The pub is so small that there are never any seats, I reflect as we take the tube there.

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