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Article A Mound of White Bones Hits 2660 | Last Modified 2007-05-29
Over the purple mountains to the east lies a forest where nobody ever goes. Nobody goes to the forest not because of wild creatures or monsters, but simply because no one knows that it is there. Except for an old, eccentric man and his young son, and even he found it by accident.
Article The Crooked Penny Inn Hits 3183 | Last Modified 2007-05-29
The candles burned low in the Crooked Penny Inn. The four figures huddled around a beer stained table concentrated upon the tiles in front of them. The game was known as Lucky Mary in these parts and many a man had lost a fortune on the turn of a not so lucky tile. Halgar Blacktooth frowned deeply as he looked again at the images of the four winds from the east in his hand, this was a good hand, but his final tile, the six of goblins which he had just picked up, didn't help at all.

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