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Article Duplicate contacts or no profile picture on Samsung GALAXY S II Hits 14907 | Last Modified 2012-08-22
How to get around the problem of contacts being split up on a Samsung Galaxy S2. For example, when sending a new text message, you see the same person listed several times - one for Google, one for Facebook, one for Skype etc. This also fixes the problem of not showing the correct images for contacts (or not having an image at all).
News Is chemicalhighs.co.uk a scam site? Hits 25865 | Last Modified 2012-08-22
Want to know about the website http://chemicalhighs.co.uk ? Thinking of ordering from www.chemicalhighs.co.uk ? Reviews of chemicalhighs.co.uk website? Read on before you buy...
News Is Last Minute still a good deal? Hits 4306 | Last Modified 2012-08-22
Lastminute.com used to be a good deal, as I remember. I often used to get a weekend away somewhere exciting just a few days before, at what I thought was a good price... So, what's changed?
Misc Microwave Oven Pet Conspiracy Page Hits 1862 | Last Modified 2012-08-22
Everyone loves a good conspiracy. Mine is that Microwave ovens are in fact evil and dangerous, a fact covered up by big business due to the global industry and profits surrounding them. I have absolutely no proof whatsoever of this, but everyone needs at least one wacky theory... Don't they?
Article Nokia N95 8GB - Contact names not showing Hits 24837 | Last Modified 2012-08-22
I searched for an answer for this for an age. When people call or text me, their names didn't show up, just their numbers, even though they were in my address book. Not all of them though - just some! Some people worked fine!

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