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News Amazon.co.uk - where's my stuff? Hits 30311 | Last Modified 2007-08-22
Trouble with an Amazon.co.uk delivery? CDs not turned up? Ignoring your emails? Read on... I used to love Amazon. I used to buy a lot of books and computer games from them. But no more... Never again! Why? Because they recently took 15 days to deliver a book to me, and their customer service is the worst I've encountered since Talktalk, and that's saying something.
Article Facebook blank profile page, cookies problems etc Hits 165700 | Last Modified 2007-08-22
Logged into facebook and your profile (home.php?) page is blank? Is it complaining about enabling cookies? Are you using firefox?
Article FPA Screenplay Hits 3138 | Last Modified 2007-08-22
A forgotten screenplay for a book that was never finished. it was too complex for a first book, I think.
Misc Javascript onloadRegister is not defined Hits 19159 | Last Modified 2007-08-22
If you're getting mysterious javascript errors such as 'onloadRegister is not defined' when using Facebook, or Twitter etc, then read on, this might be the solution you were looking for.
Article The Crooked Penny Inn Hits 3183 | Last Modified 2007-08-22
The candles burned low in the Crooked Penny Inn. The four figures huddled around a beer stained table concentrated upon the tiles in front of them. The game was known as Lucky Mary in these parts and many a man had lost a fortune on the turn of a not so lucky tile. Halgar Blacktooth frowned deeply as he looked again at the images of the four winds from the east in his hand, this was a good hand, but his final tile, the six of goblins which he had just picked up, didn't help at all.

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