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Blog DIY - The back door Hits 1456 | Last Modified 2007-06-22
The back door is a little shoddy, truth be known. It looks like itís been cobbled together from bits of old firewood and ikea furniture, and then added to over the years in an attempt to make it more secure / draught-free. It doesnít open fully, grinding on the kitchen floor, yet when closed proudly boasts a one inch gap at its bottom, through which can been seen slugs and spiders, hastening inside out of the cold and wet weather.
Blog DIY - The Loft Hits 1443 | Last Modified 2007-06-22
Iíd like to say that changing the loft insulation in a 100 year old house is fun, and full of amusing stories. But so far it isnít, and there arenít any. Itís simply dirty, nasty work in a loft full of cobwebs, dust and other unspeakable grime.
Blog Teabags Hits 2287 | Last Modified 2007-06-22
So my father is here, helping fix up the house, fitting new locks, pulling off my skirting boards etc. And he brings some tea, as I don't have any (bare cupboards). Yorkshire Tea. An acquired taste, he says, as I pull faces drinking it.

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