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Musings of a disordered mind. A work in progress (endless). A place to keep all my dreams and thoughts and over-ambitious novel ideas and suchlike. Feel free to wander around.


My dreams tend to consist mainly of crocodiles, zombies, kings and goblins in dystopias, lost kingdoms and mundania.



Most of what I write seems to be a paragraph, so most things fall into the category.

Snippets | Other | Bars | Journal


I've been around a little bit. I've scrawled the odd thing down. Journals, notes, emails and letters.

Travel | India | Finland | Montreal


Longer than a snippet! Mostly old and of questionable quality...



What I mean is, attempts at novels. Or just a paragraph in some cases.

Novels | Fantasy | Sci-fi | Screenplays | Short Stories

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19 April 2017

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