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Crocodile river.jpg
Following the banks of the Nile at dusk we found the deserted city of Tos and the fabled mine workings left by the Emperor's exploratory North African expedition. I wandered between the rusting minecarts and twisted track, keeping an eye to the river and the crocodiles. We lit torches and entered the mine, eventually coming to a large cavern where we stopped as the group's historical expert told us of the Emperor's fanatical obsession with Qiorn, hidden underground, that offered eternal life and fantastical powers. This was just one of many teams sent around the world in a search for it. And here they found it. They took it back to the Emperor and his eyes turned green and he conquered all around him in madness. I could feel the Qiron in the air around us and began to levitate, much to the surprise of the others in the group.