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Dream. Took me all day to remember this one.

My friend subscribed me to an email newsletter, it's great, she told me. It was called 'Meat Daily'. Day 1 contained a link to a voucher to play pool for free at a local pub. Ok, with time on my hands I wandered along and presented my voucher. The pool table was set just off the floor so you had to lie down to take a shot. Someone explained the game to me: people bring in unwanted glass and ceramic gifts and they get placed on the table. You could play your shot with any glass object and the idea was to break at least one hideous item on each visit. My first go I used a gaudy whisky tumbler on its side, it rolled past a set of commemorative plates and nudged a perfectly awful vase with streaks of purple and yellow running through it, which toppled off the edge of the table and made a satisfying smash. Everyone cheered. Good game actually.