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Pirates. The black barque sails into view through the long tunnel under the cliffs. We stare as it sails silently by, it's a strange ship, it has purple velvet cloth hanging all along its sides. We leave our rowboat and climb aboard, it's Mary Celeste empty. We sail it into port and lock it up, I take one of the keys and we head into town to drink and celebrate. We're in Port Sweden, and it seems to be flooding, water everywhere, I run back to the boat but Timothy Dalton has claimed it and won't let me on board. There's a public safety announcement from the Swedish Port authorities that two crocodiles have escaped into the rising floodwater and that one of them is harmless, but the other is... there it is! A huge saltwater crocodile is trying to get a hold of my feet, I kick at it and swim to a roof. It follows but can't climb up the slope. We stare at each other.

I manage to find my way off the roof and walk along a long avenue of purple-flowered plants in the sunshine. A man tells me that some elder race aliens have provided power to run Port Sweden's anti-flood system in exchange for free docking rights in the future. Would I like to meet one? Sure I would. Here's one. He looks suspiciously like my father but I don't say anything. He wants to give me a present, a bucket of red salamanders. They're sticky curled up things, when you handle them they turn into lizards and you release them onto a plant where they freeze and take on pretty paisley patterns. I love them.