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Dream Freud would have loved.


I'm running a bath. I forget about it and when I go to check it's full and not as hot as I'd like. Ah well I go to get a towel from the next room which turns out to be a massive Gothic chamber with five hundred nuns in it. They're all sitting at tables and in front of each is a plate containing an oversized hot dog in a bread bun. 'Nuns, time to cook!' shouts Mother Superior, 'and girls... let's make it quick!'. As one they all get up and start leaving the chamber, filing into my bathroom. 'Woah woah!' I say and try to get back in but am shushed and told to go to the back of the queue. I'm queuing for ages, it's really slow moving and the nuns aren't very talkative. I'm thinking my bath will be well cold. As we queue we pass an antiques fair and I spend some time looking at WWII memorabilia before moving on. Finally, my bathroom. The bath has been emptied and the nuns have filled it with hot oil to batter and deep fry their hot dogs in. 'Can I at least have one?' I ask. The nun in charge of of the hot bath stares at me for a while and then points back to the front of the queue.