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James has a new job as the city's municipal safety officer. We're discussing how to make a good first impact. 'Dangerous road black spots,' I suggest, 'do something, make them safer.' 'But how?' he asks. 'A safety mime,' I say, 'Employ a mime to act out 'danger!' at each of them.' He just stares at me. (Well, I think it's a great idea). I'm distracted, my foot hurts and I'm fiddling with it as we talk. Is that a nail stuck in the sole there? I pull it out. Jesus that hurts. It *is* a nail. Next, is that a vein now? I pull it, ow! Out comes the vein. Now a drinking straw? What the? Is it a drinking straw or a thicker vein? I panic and push it painfully back in, and return to the mime conversation.

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