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I'm at the university. There's a party because there's a new sky-chute connecting the university to a distant town. It costs £10 and takes just over ten minutes. Some male students have dressed up as reporters to video interview girls about it, one of them has a really long cock and is using it as a dressed-up pretend microphone. 'So, how do you feel about the sky-chute?' he'd say, holding it up to her face. Girl looks thoughtful, 'Well, I think it's great... hey, is that a cock?'

Very amusing.

In another part of my dream I collect a group of people together and announce, 'Thanks for coming, guess what? We're all relatives! Yes, that's right once or twice removed. If you keep your numbers the nurse will see you in the usual order.' The thing is, we weren't relatives, I'd found them in the phone book. I was nervous and was considering the sky-chute.