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Ah, a mercenary. I carefully plant explosives designed to look like peaches at key structural points on the cruise liner moored up in the tropical harbour. The synchronised explosions along its side are horribly beautiful. I flee and begin my next mission. On an old country estate we extend the paving around an old mausoleum so there's enough space for me to hide underneath. I wait for the young mob boss to move in, some weeks later. I'll wait for him to pass close enough to me and then seriously injure, but not kill him. Teach him a lesson. I lie still, silent. At night I carefully wash myself from a trickle of water, even a droplet falling from my body to the ground would set off the alarm. This mission is awful, the mob boss barely even comes out walking, let alone to this corner of the grounds. I'm restless. I abandon it and go exploring the nearby area instead, I discover giant, dangerous squid living in a blue river and people floating in little baskets.