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Mars. A new life awaits you in the offworld colonies. At a reception I'm asked to leave by Diane, the mother of my friend who is hosting it. I've never seen her before despite knowing her family for years. She hates me, I insulted her choice of reception cheeses, loudly. The family never wants to see me again, someone pulls my shirt over my head, I'm tripped up, my hotel is cancelled, everyone has turned against me. I book into a new hotel near the space port and think, why not take a trip to Mars tomorrow? So, pretty soon I'm the orbit of Mars and it's being explained to me. Huge orbiting machines are creating clouds and when there's enough atmosphere they'll start running water from space down a gigantic sloped riverbed built up the side of Olympus Mons. It's a golf resort, the guide tells me brightly. The resort is taking shape, gleaming towers of chrome. They need workers and I'm talked into getting a job on the team. Team Mars. Mars is great, there's low gravity and an atmosphere. As I wander, loping, down a boulevard in my white lab coat, I think of the scene in Total Recall where Arnie's eyes are popping out of his head in the harsh Mars atmosphere. What nonsense, I think to myself.