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The latest children's toy craze is magic. Actual magic. Adults seem oddly uninterested by it, dismissing it as kid's stuff. I'm excited and buy a set anyway. It's a cheap set though, my John Dee cloak is made of cheap plastic and my witch's hat is a coloured cardboard cone stapled at the edge. So I'm practising what all the kids are into at the moment - portals to each other's houses. I've got a blue circle of light appearing but can't quite seem to get the portal to properly open. I'm chatting to a child I know about technique, she's giving me pointers. She tells me that her friend has just got the latest luxury magic set - really expensive. It has a summoning tent made of real silk and a pool on a pedestal which can look five minutes into the future. We look at our cheap magic sets and sigh a little.

A night of complex dreams. I also outwit a goblin I'm in debt to by trading him common herbs and spices, cook a meal for my father in a giant's kitchen, and join the Indian military where I blow some hangar doors apart whilst no one is looking.