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Dream. Lucid dream.

I haven't been able to sleep since 6am when a phone chirruped in the dark. Go to the toilet, restless, I do some mental exercises to try and fall asleep. Nothing, then I feel a thump of something against my leg and freeze. Slight movement. I lift my head and there's a cat biting my hand, jesus! I leap up, three cats. My old cats. What the hell? I'm dreaming, but a lucid dream, I'm properly awake. I get up, the room is all wrong, warped in size, things from my past and present all mixed up. New door next to the old one. I wander over and open it. I'm excited, a lucid dream! I don't get these very much, everything is so vivid and sharp. The door creaks open... Now, the thing with my mind is, it's not all sweetness and light - the pussycats bite and... ah, right, some kind of portal into a demonic horror dimension. Endless blackness and fire stretches into infinity, blood drips down the door frame. I close the door. It won't quite close. I turn around and some white freaky spindly-child is there, right next to me, I almost have a heart attack. 'Just ignore it, I just ignore it or they come.' she whispers. 'They... come?' I ask. She nods... Have lucid dreams, they said, astral travel, they said. They rarely mention the demons and freaky ghost kids. The last time I had a lucid dream there was a head on a plate screaming at me 'Get out! GET OUT! GET OOOOOOOUT!'. Right, to work.

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