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A strange post-apocalyptic future. We're on a concrete porch in the sun, iron railings, decaying buildings. We all have these flat sausage-like organic links attached to us in a loop. They seem to absorb sunlight and process a kind of liquid in our bodies. I stare at mine spread out on the concrete, it seems a bit fragile, lying there. A cockroach-like creature appears and starts to nibble on one of my digestive processing links. Instead of moving I watch it eat through one side, then the other, then turn around and push itself fully into the link. With some horror I see it push its legs through the sides of it and start to walk away, dragging my extra-organic loops with it. 'Argh!' I finally shout. I pick up some handy scissors and cut (with some difficulty) the cockroach link off. As it disconnects I know I've just done something that feels lethal. I decide I don't like this future.