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We take turns to play large jigsaw-like pieces, they make up a skeleton map of a school. When we play the last piece I find myself in a classroom. Large sunny room full of books on shelves, we sit around a table that forms a large open square. We're doing some kind of play, it seems to be going on forever. I stare out of the window and whisper to the girl next to me, 'When's it over?'

Soon, she says. 'Could you go and get me some salted lemon water?' she asks.

I wander to the lobby type area, which is the same as my junior school some 30 years previous and find a lemon drink machine but no salt - there are shakers littered around but they're all empty. Eventually I find a full one, I put a pinch in both drinks.

Oh, hello, a naked women walks past, then turns and walks back towards me. Buxom, I wonder if I find her attractive or not. She comes up and hugs me, I hold her. Her clothes are hidden behind the vending machine but she doesn't want to wear them. I untangle myself and head back to class, which is finishing. The salty lemon drink is better than she'd imagined.

The bell rings.