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On the tenth floor I find some stairs leading curiously back down, at the bottom are two huge wrinkled brown dogs and a naked Japanese women yelling at me to leave. Steam, heated pools full of naked Japanese splashing and laughing. I retreat. On the roof I call my policewoman friend who arrives and shows me the spying tube, we peer at the Japanese bathing. Whatever I'm looking for isn't there. I walk back down through the tower, on the third floor the surly men from earlier block my path, taunting me. I punch the leader in the face and run past, down, and onto the street. But he's already there, in his white vest with his knife, cocky. Never bring a knife to a gun fight, I think, and as I shoot him wonder if that's the right quote? Anyway, aposite, I conclude. He clutches his side in agony and shouts at me, 'You can't kill me, but you're dead now!' and drops his mobile phone as he limps off. The phone starts playing Sisters of Mercy really loud. Wow, not heard this tune for a while. I can't move, frozen, the music stops me. Ah, dozens of yakuza gangsters start to appear, drawn to the song. This looks bad.