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In the Library of the God Set

In the immense library of the God Set, the immortal head Librarian and his idiot-savant assistant had been tasked with indexing all of the books and scrolls in every way imaginable. 'Bring me', the Librarian said, quill in his mouth, 'all the books where a woman cries in the middle, ordered by the depth of her sorrow.' The assistant held up his finger for a second or two, then ran off into the archives. I browsed the endless shelves as the Librarian scratched away at his work. As far as I could tell, they weren't using the Dewey Decimal System.

(The rest of this dream was a bit fragmented but worth mentioning perhaps. I discovered what was called the 'Set Overlay' which, when applied allowed you to see gods and perform magic. Neat, except I put it on, took it off, then put it back on which meant there were two of me performing the onion trick, then four, then five. Hang on, hang on, we called a quincunx of magicians and all decided to swap familiars to somehow fix the problem. My new familiar was a large lettuce leaf...)

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