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Stranded on the mountain, darkness falling, biting winds and snow, reluctantly we decide to stay in the oddly convenient hotel. 'Just for one night though, yeah?' I say.

Ten years later, and the hotel has changed.

'You father is here! He's at the front gate!' exclaims an aide. I float down the marble stairs and across the snowy courtyard to the main gates, which are criss-crossed with magical barbed wire. I appear to be the Queen and the tall old white-haired elfin man on the other side of the gate is my father. It is explained by aides that he can't enter as the Ice Fortress has been sealed after two deaths, to keep the souls from leaving before the ceremony. My father looks nonplussed. I'm not sure what to do so I go back inside and head to the canteen for coffee. My companions are here, and though they eye my white silk gown and small silver crown they say nothing and we sip coffee in silence. 'Hey, isn't that ceremony now? It's like 9am.' one says to me. He's right, I dash to towards the main hall but then realise I have to change, so go to my chamber. My dresser is waiting, I hand her the white outfit and start pulling on a dress called 'The Northern Star at Night', all black silk and dark blue diamonds. 'What shall we rename this one?' she asks. Tediously, all outfits after being worn have to take a new name before being cleaned and worn again. We were running out of names. I sigh, 'What about The Northern Star... in the Day?' She consults a list, 'That's actually free!' she says, brightly.

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