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Golden Creature

In last night's dream the five of us travelled through a post-apocalyptic landcape in search of something. We came to a tomb, broke the seal and descended. In the main chamber a spindly, metallic golden creature rose from a sarcophagus and walked towards us. It told us it resembed our form in 50 million years time, but it was made of gold so it could survive the journey back in time. It had a gift for us. It resembled a badly-made birthday cake in the shape of a man in gaudy colours. We exchanged glances, 'uh, thanks.' We were told we had to master it to keep it. Touching the cake and thinking hard allowed you to zoom in on people in different places and see and listen to them. If clumsy then speakers experienced déjà vu, got confused and stopped talking. 'This is what déjà vu is.' Explained the golden spindly thing. We exchanged glances and said, 'Aaah!'. The gift, we agreed, was actually quite nice, as the golden creature quietly died. Later in the dream we told stories including 'The weight of a troll's head' and 'The centaur's eulogy', neither of which, sadly, I can remember in much detail.

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