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An age of myth and legend. I was in charge of a city work force tasked with making a pair of cloaks for two giants. We had hundreds of workers sewing thousands of feathers into the cloaks which were strung out on enormous frames. I was a bit stressed as they were coming for them tomorrow, the entire workforce had booked the following day off (except for me), everyone from the town was coming to watch the giants battle, and, to top it all, I also had to guess a witch's age in a battle of wits at lunch-time.

Finally, the end of the day and to get to my sister's house we had to take a kind of train. Unfortunately I had to build an engine for the train first which took so long it just wasn't funny (I even had to make my own wire from some odd ore). Finally en route home (Brian looked nervous as I got the engine up to full speed) I got talking to a goblin. He wanted to sell me a magical axe that turned small pebbles into gemstones, but only for about an hour.

'It's really useful,' he told me.

I didn't buy it and we eventually all got to my sister's flat (which turned out to be some kind of spaceship) and had a early night, mainly due to the pressures of the day to come.

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