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A Lovecraft Ghast
My sister had given me an amulet that was supposed to contain the key to our house but when opened it contained only a strange cog.

'Don't worry there's a spare,' she says, 'I'll get it. At 5pm.' I'm angry, that's hours away. 'I'll get it, where?' How hard can it be?

I have to ask a neighbour. I find his house and go up the stairs, and open a door. To get to the next door I have to whisper the password but I know I can say anything and just walk by, so I say, 'tits'. Which is then echoed in a loud voice portentously as I run across the hall to the next door. 'Tits!' 'Tits!' 'Tits!' Booms the voice. The door is closing but I make it through.

It's a labyrinth. Each time I come to a door I struggle to open it, and then I quickly say the special words, 'We are all of one mind then' as I pass through and I lock it - I must lock them behind me as there are ghasts. Sometimes I could can hear the protest of them in the next room, 'I don't agree!' but it's too late then.

Through the final door and up some stairs I find myself in a room. I search the dresser for a key, but nothing. Then I notice the man there. A strange man who is dressed like an electrician. When I ask about the key he replies in a strange language and then laughs uproariously. I ask again and he says the same thing and laughs again. His assistant just stares at me.

I try writing the words down but keep on writing the wrong things. 'I'm glad you find this funny and are amused, but do you have a spare key please?' I'd try and write, and it would come out as 'Like you laughing we have a spare'.

Eventually I manage to make him come back with me to my house and show him the locked door. My last attempt to communicate had been translated as 'protect my mother'. Jesus. Eventually I point at the lock and make a key gesture, and he simply gives me the key.

Inside the stove is on and rice is cooking. I turn it down and relax.