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Gauntlet. Oh, I love this game. The child wants to play the Wizard, which annoys me, and another woman plays Valkyrie, so I'm the Elf (only the slow and dim play the Warrior). We start the game on a beach, which is curious. I'm standing in the surf watching hordes of distant figures running towards me. Hmm. I see a figure getting close, some kind of semi-naked savage. Oh, we've picked up some special powers? Ok, I select 'power' then press 'I' (though there's no controller or keyboard I can see). A demon appears in some clouds and lightning and floats above the savage. It starts to shower what appear to be evil chocolate raisins on him, each of them inscribed with a rune. 'Negative everything mother-fucker!' I shout. He looks miserable in his shower of negative demon raisin rain. Valkyrie has an evil power called 'chitter', she runs up to a man and kisses him on the neck. He starts to convulse and falls to the sand, twitching. I look for a tree to hide in and shoot arrows at people.

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