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The new house is a lot larger than I thought, in fact, it appears to be some kind of millionaire's seaside penthouse that sprawls over several floors. Guests have been turning up early for the housewarming festival, hundreds of them, there's a fairground in the garden. I shoo the guests away, 'Come back next week!' I yell. Back in the house and I notice a blanket under the kitchen table. I walk over and stare, is it body-shaped? Is someone under it? I slowly peel back the blanket and uncover a giant misshapen man who leaps up and starts yelling at me in an unknown language, I back up as he waves his massive hairy arms menacingly. I edge towards a knife on the counter, but before I reach it the gardener, who was passing by, runs in and floors him with a spade to the back of the head. Blood pools on the floor. 'I will dig a hole,' he says.

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