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Dream: In an old decaying school I sit an exam. The questions are printed on a small card, like a playing card, in tiny letters. Question 1. Which of these girls is French? There are four pictures of girls with their names. They all sound French. I stare at them for a while and then choose 'Nicole'. Question 2. Which of these three serving hatches opens first? There's a photo of three hatches in a crumbling wall in a forest. There's a shield on each and a crest on the wall in the middle. It's probably a trick question, but I choose the middle one. Question 3a. In the Carry on Film 'Carry on Laughing' what character is Dr J? Question 3b. Draw him and the other missing person into this picture. In the photo a dozen people sit in odd chairs and stare towards something missing. Dentist, clearly dentist, I think, and draw a man trying to pull a tooth out of another in the space. My Dr looks like a spider, too many legs. I frown, but move on. Question 4. In this pipe what percentage is water, bubbles and debris? You can't see inside the pipe in the picture. I don't think I'm doing very well, it occurs to me that this exam is really unfair. I look away and chat to someone for a moment and then my card has gone. Vanished. Typical.