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In Fong's Electrical Emporium they run a monthly competition to win a copy of 'The Cave' a computer game that's all the rage. This month Elaine from Skerton won the draw. Fong rolls his eyes. We can't say you're from Skerton, he mutters. Elaine has never played a computer game before and they want to video her playing. As a tutorial, a staff member plays first. He chooses 'The Shrimp' as his starting character and has soon built a fleet and is battling for control of what looks like the eastern seaboard of Canada. It's a complex game and as I watch I pour my lunch of chunky salsa onto a bit of fabric on the floor and eat messily. It's Elaine from Skerton's go. She's nervous. She also chooses 'The Shrimp' (Fong rolls his eyes) and floats about underwater helplessly. Blow bubbles! hisses Fong, but Elaine can't remember what button to press. Poor Elaine, I think, as eat salsa.