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We've been looking for him everywhere. We finally catch up with him in the middle of a muddy road, pulling cables out of the dirt. 'Here hold this,' he tells the girl, holding a metal clip with wires attached to it. She takes the clip clumsily. 'Eiiiii! Careful!' he says and grabs it back, 'you don't want to...' he falls silent. He's being electrocuted, twitching*. I grab a stick and try to prise the clip from his hand, but can't. I have an idea, I grab hold of his boots and pull him until a wire disconnects. 'Are you okay?' There's smoke coming off his head, I notice.

(*someone once told me that electricity doesn't work in dreams. Liar. Anyway, I'm not convinced that a mains AC electricity shock would leave you stuck to it until prised off? My subconscious physics is shaky)

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