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I've left my nail clippers to be repaired at a small shop downtown. I'm anxious to get them back. I'm peering through the window for ages until the repairman finally opens up. He looks excited. 'I had to repaint them!' he says. I unwrap them, the top has a beautiful delicate surface, like the wing of a dragonfly. Wow. I think. And, a little shark's fin on the top of the handle. Ok. And, under the handle is inlaid mother of pearl and semi-precious gems in a mosaic of, what is that? It's a bit weird. Ah. In fact every inch is decorated in gaudy colours. The bottom is wrapped in a intricately woven bright green palm leaf. It's hideous. 'I like the top bit.' I point to it. 'But the rest... I don't like it at all I'm afraid. I just like the plain silver really.' He looks hurt. 'I did say I might have to paint them.' he says, defensively. I peel off the palm leaf cover as we're talking and the rest of the painting comes away too, leaving more of the dragonfly style design behind. 'Now this is better! I say.' The bill is extortionate.