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Ah, chowder lake. We're swimming in a lake of chowder. The smell is awful but it's warm. As we swim I wonder if any creatures live in the water, I peer down but can't see through the gloom. Anyway, it's getting dark and I get out, leaving my friends still swimming, and walk along the lakeside next to the old stone buildings. I look back and see an enormous black dragon silently hovering just a few metres above the swimmers, looking for me. They haven't noticed it against the darkening skies. It turns and sees me, slowly glides along the lake towards me. I hide behind a wall, frozen for a while, then run into a bakery and slam the door shut. We all stand stock still and stare at the door for what seems like a very long time. Silence. Then the door splinters open with a great crash and the nose of the dragon is thrust into the room. It sniffs and catches my scent, I run upstairs...