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I'm sitting eating at a table in my lounge, old wood, lantern burning, it's quite dark. 'Did you make me any?' a voice from the gloom behind me makes me jump, a pale woman walks into the light. Who the hell is she? I look at my food, a plate of sausage and mash by the looks of it, then back at her. 'No, I'm sorry, I forgot you were here.' She looks hurt and angry, 'Not even a cup of tea?' she asks, voice tight. I look at my tea. 'No, I guess not, hey, I'll make you something now.' We walk to the old refrigerator and look inside. Not much, some old limp vegetables, tubes of mostly used pastes, what's this? I hold up a bag in the door, thick white bubbling liquid. Is that fermenting? The woman stares at me as I put it back, I'll try that later, I think. There's an open can of chick peas, she reaches in and shakes a few out into a glass, then adds cold water. She sips it and chews a chick pea. 'Mmm, this is fine.' she says. 'Really?' I ask, doubtful. 'Sure, I really like this, I actually eat it a lot.' I watch her eat, my food gone cold.

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