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This is a long dream.


Some kind indoor amusement arcade, like a shopping mall with rides. It's all free and seems to go on forever. I walk, unable to decide what to go on. There's a giant human pachinko machine where you are the ball-bearing - you hurl yourself in from the towering top. No thanks. I find a ride called 'No Way, Cowboy' and wander in. A man at a desk takes my details and I'm told to go and wait in the cafe for my turn. Oh, here's my father and uncle. 'Can I join your room?' I ask. There's some trouble over this, but they say it's ok. I look at the menu. Tea, coffee, water, squash. Exciting. I order coffee. It tastes odd, I have a sudden flash into the kitchen and watch a chef making it - you take a bowl of coco pops and let it sit for an hour, then whiz it up in a blender, then make coffee with the liquid. It's quite nice, but certainly an odd texture.

Time passes. Ah, we're up. I'm shown into a changing room and I put my cowboy outfit on. Nice. When I'm dressed I'm told to look up and close my eyes. Everything starts spinning and a calm voice tells me to relax. When I awake, they say, I'll be in the ride. I let myself go and wake up in an old western-style hotel room. A friend is here, no sign of my father or uncle though. Then I realise I'm dreaming because I can feel myself in bed, I'm waking up, everything is fading. With a super-human effort I open my eyes but in the dream, not in reality. Fully awake in the wild west now my friend looks at me with amusement. 'You awake?' 'Uh, yeah, I think so.' I stagger to my feet and lurch about. So vivid, I look at the pictures on the wall, the wood-grain of the floor boards, the spaghetti everywhere. Spaghetti? We ignore that. 'Shall we try the door?' I suggest, and turn the handle.

Whoosh! I'm a young girl who left home in a huff and is heading to the city for adventure. I ride a bus looking at the desert scenery, get off, look around. Is this my stop? There's nothing here, just sand and the road. I start walking. The mountains are beautiful, I wonder how far it is to the city. When I arrive it's dark and cold and I've lost my bag and coat. Did I even bring a bag? Or a coat? This girl is useless, I think to myself, as we trudge along the side-walk trying to think what to do. I've got some battery left on my phone so decide to find some wifi and search for a hostel. I think there's some money in my bank account. Worth a try. Ah, an indoor amusement arcade, like a shopping mall with rides.

I head up the stairs, I see the pachinko and the 'No Way, Cowboy' rides, I walk past, heading to the top. I go up the steepest escalator ever - people are clinging on and hold each other as it clanks upwards. On the escalator I meet a woman who knew my mother in high school. 'Oh, look who it is,' she tells her friend with a souther drawl, 'generation X of the slug.' She goes on to tell me that my mother was nicknamed the 'night slug' because she was so active at night, fucking all the boys. They clearly weren't going to help me. At the top I order a coffee which has a strange consistency and taste and fail to find a hostel.

The indoor amusement park is closing so I leave and walk the streets for a while. I decide to busk in a bus shelter by dancing. As I jump into the air I get my head caught on some electrics and electrocute myself. I collapse, bruised, exhausted and bloody. I haul myself up and manage to stagger further along the street. A modern street in a clean and quiet part of town, the sun is coming up.

There's a man on the other side of the road. He crosses and walks towards me. It's me, from the first part of the dream. We watch each other through each other's eyes walk towards each other, and then embrace.

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