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In a dusty bazaar I find a ruby ring, a ring made of iron, and a clock, all in a pile of leaves. I go to sell the clock at a stall nearby. I don't get much money and the owner is really rude. I look at the clock again, it's beautiful, I hadn't noticed. It has bamboo pipes and a little bird that plays at the hour. They don't appreciate it. I decide to steal it back. They chase me, endlessly, through a massive multi-roomed antiques centre. Escaped for a while, I find two duelling maces on a table and decide to try them out. A woman in the same room joins me. We strap on the leather gloves but both can't get the hats on (too small). Whooosh! I spin my spiked mace at her. Whoosh! She attacks. Jesus, this is dangerous I think. Then the stallholders are back and I'm running again. I hide under an old oak table and fall asleep. In the morning my pockets are full of spiders.