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I'm in a multicultural gym, I'm conscious of this as I seem to be a chubby, less-than-average height white guy and am there with an Asian-looking woman. We're training. It's mostly men and it seems to be... ah yes, boxing - they're playing it on the TV and some of the men are sparring. The women and I wink at each other across the gym as we train, we're flirting! Great! 'Roberts!' shouts someone. Oh, I think that's my name. Ah, yes, there's some old guy glaring at me over there. 'You're up next!' he barks. A boxing match? Crap. I climb into the ring and look at my opponent. He's (I know this with the knowledge you find in dreams) Albanian, and much, much bigger than me. I wonder how much I weigh and if this is actually... DING! DING! I don't remember much of the fight, I spend much of it avoiding his massive swings and waiting for an opening. I eventually win, two hours later. The Asian woman looks grumpy, after all it's now after 10.30pm and we had plans.