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Ah yes, the subtropical savannah. So I'm walking barefoot. I find an unfamiliar lake-side canteen and definitely can't find the boat. It's a peculiar high-sided speedboat, it was here earlier, and I think I left my shoes in it. Inside the dimly-lit canteen a small, creepy girl runs up and grabs my hand. She stares at me and won't let go. Now a small hairless puppy with a ghastly lazy yellow eye rubs up against me. The canteen is full of silent, freakish people and things, and they're all looking at me. I pull my hand free and run out of the lakeside exit, along a path and then scale a small wall to escape to... Now the boat won't start. I'm in the boat? There are dials, switches, buttons and levers, I don't remember it being this complicated before. The girls stare at me. Girls? I remember, I met them in the church earlier, smoking pot behind the war memorial - one of them had taken off her skirt and pants in blatant disregard for the sanctity of the church. We kind of got on. I notice that I'm now wearing shoes (not mine).