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They think I'm writing 'Just Married' but I'm actually chalking 'Jump Ahead' at the brow of hills in the road. I'm slightly nervous, crouched down, worried a car will appear from the other side and mow me down. I'm currently working on some bridge steps, it isn't right, no one will see it and the chalk won't stick. Distracted I look down into the ravine and spot the ghost of a level 54 Red Blood Mage. He stares at me silently. There's a little pouch near his ghost, so I go and pick it up, open it. Scroll. 'Instructions for perpetual binding using the subject's true name'. I read on, apparently the trick is to bind someone to your purpose using their true name, then cause them to forget it and give them a new one. This way they can never break the binding, as they're trying with the wrong name. Cunning, I think, having forgotten all about my chalkings.

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