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So I have a three day party in my parent's house whilst they're away, we play cricket on a bouncy castle in the lounge and trash the place. Tidying up is endless but at least I find some hidden diamonds behind a mirror. At dusk I go for a walk, I'm hungry. We all appear to have moved to a quiet seaside town. I find a Chinese restaurant but the manager is angry and tells me this is a Muslim temperance house and I'm not welcome. Back outside I see a hundred foot tall goddess walking in the sea. I run out and swim towards her (ignoring the crocodile), much too far, and find myself in sea quicksand (very dangerous), but luckily come across a flotilla of people all somehow managing to float tents, patches of grass, land rovers, all on the sea, tied together. A floating town. I lie on a grassy patch and relax in the sun near some people, and feel something in my hand. I look and it's a baby's hand. *Just* the hand. Then it twitches and grips me hard. A bit freaked out I peel it off and try to give it to the guy next to me. When he sees what it is he screams and throws it to the floor where it turns into a spider and flies away on a line of silk. To calm down I go for ice cream with a nice girl I just met.