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I'm standing in a busy airport with all the bags. 'Put the bags in lockers and I'll meet you out front, and hurry!' says my companion who I don't quite see before they walk off. I look around, 'Lockers on Penny Level' says a sign. That's confusing. I find a help kiosk, dragging bags behind me. I ask the man behind the counter for lockers. He pulls a face and shrugs, ah, I must be in a foreign airport. I try again, making a locker-opening gesture. 'Ah!' he says. He hands me a gold pen and points to some booths in the corner, I thank him and wander over. 'Massage Love Booths' says the sign. I look at the pen, on the side it says 'Massage oil pen - write your desire and have it rubbed in'. I sigh and wonder if I can leave the bags in one of the booths anyway.

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