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On our spaceship we had to shift dimensions and enter another ship to rescue an advanced artificial intelligence computer program. We had limited time. The other universe was like Event Horizon, we were all starting to go a little crazy and the captain was dithering saying things like, no, let's just wait and talk to this alien. In the end we overpowered him and jumped back to our own ship. Minutes left to get the AI online. We found an old PC and took out the wireless card, plugged it in to the AI and powered it up. 'Hello,' said the AI, directly in my mind. The AI took over the world, talking directly in everyone's minds and controlling all electrical items. 'Could I have a cup of coffee, please, computer?' ... 'Sure, Ralph.' *bean grinding noises*. There was a new social division - those that could talk to 'the System' without moving their lips, and those that couldn't.