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Misc Spam Hits 457547 | Last Modified
Unwanted, unsolicited email...
Misc Apple Crumble Recipe Hits 281460 | Last Modified
The classic dessert that they forced me to learn in Home Economics class at school. It remains unchanged except that I now make my own apple sauce, rather than buying it.
Article TPF Hits 241690 | Last Modified
Tiny PHP Forum by Ralph Capper. Sadly, TPF is no longer supported by me. At some point in the future I might re-write it and re-release as a new version. You can find some information about it on this page though.
Misc Apple Wine Recipe Hits 198644 | Last Modified
An old, trusted recipe. However, be sure to make extra care with sterilisation, and be aware that the type of apple dramatically changes the finished flavour.
Article Facebook blank profile page, cookies problems etc Hits 165663 | Last Modified
Logged into facebook and your profile (home.php?) page is blank? Is it complaining about enabling cookies? Are you using firefox?
Article Talk Talk Hits 81944 | Last Modified
This is a record of the problems I had with TalkTalk broadband some time ago.
Article HP Officejet 6310 Chat Hits 66623 | Last Modified
I bought an HP Officejet 6310, and had some problems. This is the online conversation I had for 'support'
Misc Blackberry Wine Recipe Hits 65227 | Last Modified
A nice dark wine, I like it sweet.
Article How to make easy Mead recipe Hits 64721 | Last Modified
I thought I'd try my hand at mead. This recipe is a mix of a few I found on the net. It is pretty easy and requires little special ingredients or equipment.
Misc Easy Potato Wine Hits 62712 | Last Modified
I recently drank a 12-year-old bottle of this and it was fantastic - a cross between a liqueur and sherry. Can't remember what it was like just after being made, but the fact that I left it for so long means that it is probably best aged a little...
Misc Damson Wine Recipe Hits 53404 | Last Modified
A pleasant, dark, full wine. I like it sweet.
Misc Javascript link-hover-box thingy Hits 46726 | Last Modified
You know how long I've been trying to figure out how to do a nice little hover-box pop-up when you dither on links?
Misc Ryanair Refunds after cancelled flights Hits 46178 | Last Modified
How do I get my money back from a cancelled Ryanair flight? They can be difficult to contact, and their website is not aimed at helping you very much...
Article Marijuana wine recipe Hits 40992 | Last Modified
I met a guy who made his own cannabis wine, I asked for the recipe out of curiosity and offer it here for your interest. He said it was good, but I have no idea if it is or not.
Misc ASP / VB Script Smart-tag stripper Hits 40432 | Last Modified
Often, input comes from MS Word etc, which tends to insert a great deal of 'smart tags'. Combine this with the problems of Euro characters, copyright, accented letters etc, and you shortly have a database full of text that displays as square boxes once it has been through your ancient Cold Fusion code.
Article Firefox won't open PHP pages suddenly Hits 33480 | Last Modified
Trying to access facebook I was suddenly told I was trying to download a PHP file, and what should I do with it. I said, open it with Firefox and then a hundred new, blank tabs opened... Solution follows.
News Amazon.co.uk - where's my stuff? Hits 30308 | Last Modified
Trouble with an Amazon.co.uk delivery? CDs not turned up? Ignoring your emails? Read on... I used to love Amazon. I used to buy a lot of books and computer games from them. But no more... Never again! Why? Because they recently took 15 days to deliver a book to me, and their customer service is the worst I've encountered since Talktalk, and that's saying something.
Misc Cheese, Onion, Leek and Potato Pie Hits 29527 | Last Modified
Quick and easy pie, tastes great, vegetarian. Prep 20 mins, cooking, 30 mins. Serves 3-4.
Misc American Style Pancakes Recipe Hits 28734 | Last Modified
These are great. There are a lot of pancake recipes around and this is the result of trying a lot of them. I make this at least once a week. Simply double up the recipe to make more.
Misc Carrot Wine Hits 26948 | Last Modified
This is pretty hard-core stuff, more whisky than wine! Matures over a year or so in bottles well.

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