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Swype not adding words on Samsung Galaxy S2

Hits 8313 | Created 2013-05-29 | Modified 2013-05-29

After an update of some kind, Swype stopped adding new words to the dictionary - the option to add simply no longer appeared. This may have been after a swype update to allow you to backup your dictionary.

Anyway, it was driving me mad, as my old words vanished and I couldn't add any new ones. So names of people, swear words etc were suddenly tedious.


Install 'Android Assistant' from Play Store.


Open it, go to 'Tools' section, select 'Cache Cleaner'. Find 'Swype' and click it. Click on 'Clear Data' and then 'Clear Cache'.

Go back to home screen, start a new text message, drag top bar down and select 'Choose input method' and select 'Swype'.

You should now get the 'first time' Swype screens. Just go through them.

You should now get the ability to add new words back.

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