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Growing Anadenanthera Colubrina

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I've been trying to grow this plant for years now, and this is the best I've done so far!

This guy is tricky to grow in the UK, or at least it has been for me. The plants below are two years old. Every winter it drops all its leaves in horror and looks like a dead twig. Then sprouts again in the spring.

It also got some kind of white fungus on it one year, which caused it to drop its leaves and look ill. A spray of diluted Neem sorted that out though.

Easy to germinate the seeds in any potting compost. I found that a sunny, south-facing window seems less traumatic for it, and dry then lots of water as a regime, less in winter.

If anyone has any tips about how to grow this tree in the UK then please let me know!

Anadenanthera Colubrina

Anadenanthera Colubrina

Comment Growing Anadenanthera Colubrina comment by plantguy Hits | Last Modified 2014-04-03
Hi. I'm interested in growing this plant. How can I contact with you?:)Give me some tips.

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